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Coming soon another version to join the Efit Family along with EfitX and EfitBot. EFIT ACTIVE will feature a simplified user interface with more advanced machine learning and technology!

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EfitBot is integrated within the EfitX application! It analyzes your lifting routine, cardio and nutrition data to manifest suggestions to help optimize your program. This tool performs specific calculations and metrics in which the human brain is too slow to do! Demo our latest tool called the EfitBot Goal Planner to see how it determines important aspects of your fitness program.

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What is EFitX?

EfitX is a dynamic fitness management system. You can track your weight training, cardio and nutrition easily with just few minutes per day! Enabled with an A.I. machine learning interface, EfitBot guides you on making fitness decisions and provides you detailed analytics on your progress. Consumers can connect with fitness professionals to optimize their overall fitness experience!

Progressive Web App

No downloads necessary! and are TRUE Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWA's run with your web browser both mobile and desktop so there are never any waiting for software updates. This new technology allows you install a mobile icon onto your device just like a regular native app and if you are using Chrome Browser, this site stores pages onto your cache, so you can view it offline without an internet connection! No Downloads, no updates, view offline! How cool is that?!

Coaches & Clients

EfitX was created for consumers, fitness coaches and their clients! The free coach version is limited to 5 clients with options to upgrade starting at only $49.95/year. We offer EfitX and VFit Coach product training both onsite and with online implementations. Also, we offer Coach Platform Development for those professionals that wish expand their online services to the next level.