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Check out our latest A.I program for customizing Fat loss and muscle gain to your desire!

What is eFitx?

EfitX is a dynamic fitness management system. You can track your weight training, cardio and nutrition easily with just few minutes per day! Enabled with an A.I. machine learning interface, EfitBot guides you on making fitness decisions and provides you detailed analytics on your progress. Consumers can connect with fitness professionals to optimize their overall fitness experience!

A.I. Assisted

eFitBot (™) is our proprietary predictive analytics driven virtual fitness coach enabling trainers and their clients to target an optimum trajectory to be followed for endurance, strength, cardio and nutrition to achieve their fitness goals. eFitBot leverages extensive exercise classification, kinetic muscle group models, USDA database coupled with machine learning using trained models based on group and individual historic data. eFitBot provides the ability to fine tune and customize programs when paired with a real coach for optimum results. List of actual case studies (anonymized individual data for privacy) coming soon.

For Everyone

EfitX was created for consumers, fitness coaches and their clients! It's free for everyone! However the free coach version is limited to 5 clients with options to upgrade starting at only $49.95/year. We offer EfitX and VFit Coach product training both onsite and with online implementations. Also, we offer Coach Platform Development for those professionals that wish expand their online services to the next level.

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